Sunday, December 25, 2016

Wael Ghoneim threatens Sisi

Predicted political activist Wael Ghoneim, Sisi's regime failed because according to the recipe is trying to be one voice.
He said in his blog post on his social networking site "Facebook": "Sisi main problem is that it Bihol have one vote at a time only recognizes the multiplicity of voices, so the police do not inevitably doomed to failure."
Political activist Wael Ghoneim said he did not drop the Wayanad isolated President Mohamed Morsi during his rule of the country, pointing out that Morsi demanded action early presidential elections, to save democracy.
He added, in response to a question from him pioneers site "", your interaction with activists followers: "If you came back to the days behind perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood have taken this decision itself, and that's what he did the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia."
He continued: "Before June 30 by more than a week contacted one of Morsi's advisers, after a lapse of months ago the Federal events and advertising is constitutional, and I told him I was talking to him my concern for democracy and the fear of wasted and our return to the back."

He continued: "I told him that popular anger regardless of Mahrkih or actors he has exceeded what could be remedied, but the best solution is the work of a referendum the president's popularity to measure .. but unfortunately his response was that the Brotherhood rejects any attempt to undermine the legitimacy and it is without blood, and they ready to make them scapegoats for the legitimate president of the country even if thousands were killed, and told me that June 30 will be a normal day it will not be only a few thousand will come back later to come out of their homes. "
And he went on: "then decided to record a video to increase pressure on Morsi and asked him to work early presidential elections, a natural demand of someone who has no authority to try to preserve democracy and to protect the country from the temptation to come, and of course this video transformation in the eyes of the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters for video support for an insurgency."

And on his return to Egypt, Ghoneim said: "The facts indicate that we are dealing with an unexpected reactions and random system, and thus the idea of ​​a downward Egypt is currently unsafe consequences, because many are locked or barred from traveling activists."

He pointed out that he had decided not to apply for United States citizenship, "reside there now," despite being married to an American since 2001 due to that he loves his country Egypt and wants to force himself to be bound by and to link their destiny their land, stressing that so far does not have any other nationality only Egyptian nationality.