Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Restaurant owner arrested

Investigation officers threw Gamasa Dakahlia Governorate arrested the owner of a popular restaurant in the exercise underworld with a female employee.

Maj. Gen. Mustafa received a tiger Dakahlia director of security, notification from the General Magdy Lunar Criminal Investigation director, the receipt of communication from the people of the area of ​​the tenth Gamasa, to Brigadier General Hazem Maadawy warden Gamasa Center, the establishment of Muhammad p. H. 60 years old and the owner of a popular restaurant Gamasa shop, exercise fun with the Sacred employee working with him and called hope t. M. 28 years.

And immediately the Major Mohammed Fawzi Zeidan and his assistant Captain Majid Shami monitoring the apartment, and obtaining permission from the prosecution Bagthamha, where he was arrested in the exercise of the underworld, detective investigations revealed that the accused agreed with working on the exercise of the underworld of charge amount.

Minutes was liberated in 2635 Gamasa misdemeanor, and ordered by Judge Ahmed Shawky Bhbsama four days pending investigations.