Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mohamed Morsy object to the prison food

Ashraf Ahmed Saad, cook former President Mohamed Morsi and the Brotherhood leaders inside the prison, he said that the food served to him are meticulously prepared, stressing the existence of good medical supervision by specialists, are giving up the ratification of this food is good.

The isolated group's leaders prefer to fish meal
He explained, "Saad", in his interview with "ten pm" program provided by the media, Wael Ibrashi on Dream TV, it is the introduction of the food afterwards, accompanied by a doctor and the prison officer to the isolated president. The "cook Marina", to be isolated and the group's leaders prefer to fish meal.

The Ashraf Ahmed Saad, cook former President Mohamed Morsi inside the prison, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in a drug case and served a kitchen inside the Burj Al Arab prison.

He revealed: "Cook Marina", announced that it was up to the secretariats of the leaders of the Brotherhood approximately 70 to 100 thousand pounds spent on food, saying: "cafeteria prison was at the highest level" Five Stars "as if they were at the Four Seasons, to the point that the meat Burj Al Arab prison of Rummy to ostrich meat, "he said, adding that the group's leaders were give him money" gratuity ", because of satisfaction with a meal provided to them. "I cook Marina": "Brotherhood leaders Okilh meat and Safwat Hegazy was Singari loves fish and fish-Shater loves barbecue grills, and his son Saad had worked for the Pope ask me to eat er Ashan Hnradik."

"Gesture" to a specific type of meat
He pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood leaders were asking "gesture" a certain amount of meat type, pointing out that while he was being assigned to work eat for "Marina" is said to him: "I do eat the errand," was the follow-up eating submitting it to a specialist.

He stressed, cook former President Mohamed Morsi in prison, The Brotherhood leaders inside the prison prefer fish, meat, pointing out that Saad al-Shater and Safwat Hegazy refused to eat tuna for only one day a week, stressing that it is not true what he said in court that the foods provided to him may pose a threat to his life.

He added, "Saad," that isolated the president prefers meat meals, pointing out that the large number of eating meat caused his illness, forcing the prison doctor for demanding easing of food provided to him from the meat.