Saturday, December 24, 2016

Shater and Mona Shazly marriage document

Some social networking sites trading, news media stating the marriage of Mona Shazly leader of the Muslim Brotherhood trapped Shater.

Portal denies newspaper «home» she received from near or far this news, saying that «fabricated and completely fabricated and untrue», which is the exploitation of a clear and explicit for the logo and the name of the newspaper portal.

For the sake of credibility on the portal in front of the readers of this issued denials.
 Proving falsification of corrupt media who wants unjust attack on the Muslim Brotherhood in an attempt to reduce their popularity and then pounce on the Islamists and the result transform Egypt to Algeria, Egyptians warn the Egyptian people as a result of the corrupt media goals. Egyptians say to the people that stand behind Bakzh legitimacy and build state institutions and the media purge, judiciary and the police, and the recovery of the looted money but forgotten by the people