Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Erdogan accused the Egyptian regime

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected any contacts with Cairo at the presidential level, on condition the release of the isolated President Mohamed Morsi and his fellow prisoners to come to terms with Egypt.
This came in a lengthy television interview with the writer Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi aired by the channel "Rotana", which owns most of the shares Saudis, on Sunday evening.
Erdogan said in the interview that the current government in Egypt "is the rule of the coup, and the coup against legitimacy happened in Egypt, and it must correct this error, and it must open the way for democracy."
He said the Turkish president that it can normalize relations with Egypt if the release of President Mohamed Morsi and his fellow prisoners.

Erdogan spoke about Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, saying, "This person was secretary of defense under President Mohamed Morsi, the perception that the defense minister in a country come and turn against the head of state, this matter can not accept it."

He stated that "President Morsi, who was elected by a majority of 52% in prison, and many of his friends in prison and sentenced some of them to death, we must solve this problem, and if these releases can start normalizing relations, there is no problem between us and the Egyptian people, there are historical ties between us. "

Erdogan refused any contacts with Cairo at the presidential level, and considered that "it is very useful to have a business relationship with Egypt, but at my level do not accept that there is a connection, and is considered unethical."

In response to accusations the treatment of Turkey's community service led by Fethullah Gulen as handle Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the Turkish president said that "developments in Egypt very different from Turkey, defense minister in Egypt turned to the head of state, then they conducted sham elections and not realistic, and then held the Sisi this post: the presidency. "
Erdogan continued, "but Turkey is not well, when appealing to citizens to go to the fields, hundreds of thousands took to the fields and braved the F-16 aircraft that were trying to scare them, and I'm proud of my people, God has inspired the people's victory."